About Us


If you are a Woodturner or Woodworker who seeks the finest finish you need the quality abrasives and sharpening materials we supply. Performance and Value are our primary concerns when sourcing products for you so you can be sure that you will be getting the best available in each products field.

T & J TOOLS was formed in 1999 and the first product it produced was the double sided diamond CREDIT CARD which was then copied by Trend.

The 8” Diamond wheel for the TORMEK Grinder was next and then the 5” Disc with a spigot. These were followed by various diamond coated Honing Rods and Files.

In 2004 the fairly new abrasive Abranet started to create interest in the Woodturning world and in 2005 a direct A/C with MIRKA the manufacturer of Abranet was opened. Various other products from Mirka were also put into stock.

2007 saw a range of 2” and 3” sanding discs taken on. These were quickly changed to 55mm and 85mm at Jimmy Clewes suggestion in order to avoid the mark often made by the arbour

Mid 2008 saw the company take on a range of abrasives from NORTON/Saint Gobain which have proved to be very popular.

The aim of the company is to supply Quality Products at Competitive Prices.